Science - Math Black - Timeless Treasures

Science - Math Black - Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures

£3.25 (per 1/4m)


A differential equation and trigonometry extravaganza by Samarra Khaja for Timeless Treasures. This is a fun print for kids and adults alike. The bright pops of colour on this blackboard effect print make for an eye popping fabric. Quite possibly one of my all time favourites.

This is a super popular print and you can see why. It appeals to the inner geek in us all. Heck, it appeals to my outer geek. I say it loud and proud "I am a geek. Hear me roar", or at least mutter something vaguely scientific under my breath!

The yellow triangle measures approximately 2.5 cm long. 

Great for quilting, dress making and general sewing.
100% Premium Cotton
Wash at 30 degrees C, tumble dry warm.

Fabric Measurements

Please note that this fabric is sold by the quarter metre. One unit is cut as a fat quarter. Multiple units are cut as continuous lengths. If you would like 1/2 metre, then select 2 units, if you would like a metre then select 4 units, etc.

If you require a thin/long quarter please add a note in your shopping basket.

  • 1 quarter = 50cm x 56cm
  • 2 quarters = 50cm x 112cm
  • 3 quarters = 75cm x 112cm
  • 4 quarters = 1m x 112cm

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