About us

The Story

Fabric Punk was born out of a passion for expressing creative freedom through the use of top quality fresh, contemporary and quirky fabrics, and the desire to spend more time with my family.

Okay I admit it, I am a total fabric junkie and I want unlimited access to my dream stash.  I don't always even need to make anything...just look at and stroke the beautiful fabric (I know I am not alone in this!).

The best way I could think to achieve this (and sneak the fabric booty past my husband) was to open an online shop of some of my favourite fabrics.  

What's with the name?

The name came about because I wanted to reflect my fabric choices.

I come from a quilt-making background, and fabrics typically used are quite traditional in design. You know the kind of thing, American civil war colours, dutch heritage-style prints, traditional florals, spots and paisley.

Now I love a bit of that and have made some beautiful quilts in those kind of prints, but I crave modern colours and bold prints inspired by nature, geometry and science. Okay, second confession, I am a lazy quilter and hate cutting out zillions of tiny bits of fabric and then piecing them back together.

Todays modern, zingy fabrics are perfect for making contemporary quilts that really showcase the magnificence of these fabric beauties. They are also great for making other pretties to boot! And so I like to think that Fabric Punk reflects expression through the creation of beautiful things using fabrics that don't conform with tradition.

Who are Fabric Punk?

Well, that would mainly be me, Bekkie. Former geologist (still love rocks), mum of two fabulous little punkettes (Romilly & Allegra), Welsh lady (still have my Welsh lady hat), lover of tea and a fabric junkie.

My most favourite aunty, Vivienne, is my reason for sewing, and I blame her entirely for my relentless addiction to fabric and notions. She drops in from time to time to help and is a constant crafty companion.

Romilly (who is five years old) is in charge of telling me what science/super hero/sci fi fabrics we should stock. She is crazy about sharks, dinosaurs, spooky stuff, super heroes and Star Wars, and hates all things pooey princess-related (her words, not mine). The only way that she can be convinced to wear a skirt is if it is Star Wars or super hero themed. There aren't many skirts like that available so I have to make them!

We are based on the edge of the glorious South Downs in West Sussex.

To the Future (to be said whilst standing in a super hero pose)

Fabric Punk is a totally new venture for me and is exciting and scary in almost equal measure. Our start up budget has been limited and as such our range of stock in these early days is quite modest and limited to fabric. However, our aim is to expand our fabric range considerably over the coming months as well as adding lots of other sewing goodies such as thread, notions and a range of haberdashery items. Your custom is key to being able to grow Fabric Punk and so we really appreciate you shopping with us and hope that you come back many times. If there are particular fabrics that you would like to see us stock, please let us know (via FB or email) and we will do our best to source them. And please do share pictures of what you make with your purchases. We love to see what you make and get inspiration for our own projects.

Please like our Facebook page as we often post updates and pictures about products on there and it's a a great way for our growing Fabric Punk community to interact, so please do check in with us and share your makes and ideas.